Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lil' Jon, he always tells the truth

Its been a good week, actually its been a good couple of weeks, the days and weeks have started to blend together. I've been reading a lot, seeing a lot of bands and a lot of movies.

I'm lucky to have a lot of friends who are important enough to get free tickets to things like Vampire Weekend at the Palace Theatre (a relatively big venue) here in Melbourne and are nice enough to take me along. Last time I saw them was years ago at the Prince (a much smaller venue) and from memory it was mid-week and definitely not sold out. This was a completely different experience with moshing crowds, all taking photos on their iPhones and clapping and singing along. I kind of felt like I was at a Coldplay concert. Not that I’m complaining I’m sure Festival Hall (where Kanye played his first Melbourne show to give you an idea) was so much more intense than that. They came on stage to the strains of DJ Kool I'm pretty sure? And they sounded great and watching their drummer made me contemplate taking up the drums again.
Almost every song was met with thunderous applause except my favourite song 'Diplomat’s Son’- oh well.

How cute is this video by the way?

I also managed to squeeze in reading Joshua Ferris’s amazing book ‘Then We Came to an End’ which captures perfectly the general ennui, oddness (and maybe the poetry) of office life – these books of failed dreams a la Revolutionary Road terrify me though – as Foer would say ‘heavy boots’. I also read 'Ablutions: Notes for a Novel' by Patrick DeWitt another book I highly recommend – its written in the second person which works really well strangely enough. I found the style of character sketches incredibly inspiring as well. As someone whose found the novel an incredibly difficult form to tackle I reckon adding ‘Notes for a Novel’ to your title can take the pressure of yourself quite a bit.

This weekend I’m getting my blues on - seeing Tortoise (bluesy? Bluenote? Er…), baking blueberry muffins (I’ll post the recipe if they work) and watching Blue.

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