Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Best Movies You've Never Seen #8

Citizen Ruth (1996) - Alexander Payne

"Ruth: You wanna send a message? I ain't no fucking telegram, bitch!"

So its pretty much a given that Alexander Payne is a genius (at least pre-2002) 'About Schmidt' and 'Election' were both absolutely brilliant black comedies - same goes for 'Citizen Ruth' - a black comedy about abortion. You'd have to be some sort've comic mastermind to pull this off - I have no idea why someone this smart got sucked into the mishmash of crap that was 'Paris J'taime'.

Also did I mention Laura Dern stars as the loveable/hateable pregnant Citizen Ruth?

Both offensive and insightful, this is one the best films that it really seems nobody has seen.


bradley.nguyen said...

i love this film. laura dern is so great. i also actually like payne's entry in paris je t'aime.

Samantha Chater said...

oh brad you've caught me out I can't recall his exact contribution - just general distaste for the whole thing - too much of a mishmash for me. i do remember being v. disappointed with assayas contribution to it though.

and its true paris j'taime was miles better than its NYC counterpart!