Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Read and Learn

Everything you need to know about Sexting, Cute Boys in Black Jeans and Black Shirts, and being a Beatnik - don't say I never give you nothin'.

Eternal Summer and Road Trips and Destruction etc

I'd be remiss if I DIDN'T post the official video after I've been posting the live and unofficial versions riiiiigggghhhtt??

1 sleep till Archer returns!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My heart is more duplicitous

The Woman Who Could Not Live With Her Faulty Heart by Margaret Atwood

I do not mean the symbol
of love, a candy shape
to decorate cakes with,
the heart that is supposed
to belong or break;

I mean this lump of muscle
that contracts like a flayed biceps,
purple-blue, with its skin of suet,
its skin of gristle, this isolate,
this caved hermit, unshelled
turtle, this one lungful of blood,
no happy plateful.

All hearts float in their own
deep oceans of no light,
wetblack and glimmering,
their four mouths gulping like fish.
Hearts are said to pound:
this is to be expected, the heart's
regular struggle against being drowned.

But most hearts say, I want, I want,
I want, I want. My heart
is more duplicitous,
though to twin as I once thought.
It says, I want, I don't want, I
want, and then a pause.
It forces me to listen,

and at night it is the infra-red
third eye that remains open
while the other two are sleeping
but refuses to say what it has seen.

It is a constant pestering
in my ears, a caught moth, limping drum,
a child's fist beating
itself against the bedsprings:
I want, I don't want.
How can one live with such a heart?

Long ago I gave up singing
to it, it will never be satisfied or lulled.
One night I will say to it:
Heart, be still,
and it will.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Loose Change

How have I never heard about 'Loose Change' a documentary exploring September 11? After everything I've read about WikiLeaks and the West Wing series I'm more paranoid than ever and gagging to see this!

(via Flavorwire)

Lio - Banana Split

This is my ice-cream theme song for the Summer of '11.

Come back to me!

So excited for Parks and Rec return!


How did I not know that Ethan Hawke directed one of my all time favourite 90s videos AKA Lisa Loeb 'Stay'.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

itsafuckingfilm is my vibe

La Jetée

It took two plus screenings of La Jetée for me to still not know what the fuck is going on

Spy Game

The interesting thing about Tony Scott’s films is that they’re not that interesting

Blazing Saddles

With all the talk of bowdlerization running rampant in the media in the last week what with the rape of Huck Finn alongside the crucifixion and fecalization of Samuel Clemens, I decided it was time to check out Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles in its complete form for the first time in my life.

Wild Strawberries

Holy fucking shit, Ingmar Bergman might be my new favorite director

The next Blue Valentine?

Either way I want to see 'Perfect Sense'. Its also written by Kim Fupz Aakeson who wrote '“A Somewhat Gentle Man' which I haven't seen but would also really like to.

It also apparently reminds people of 'It's All About Love' from 2003 which I have never seen or heard about despite the great cast of Danes, Phoenix and Penn? Erm obvs must be a good reason...

Britney Spears on SNL was kinda rad - a lot better than Taylor Swift. All I'm sayin' is things have gone downhill blonde singer wise in the last ten years.

The Dream of the 90s is alive - right here