Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My three favourite online vids for the day

Perfume Genius - Mr Petersen

Best Coast - Boyfriend

Take Away Show #109 _ SHARON VAN ETTEN (part 1) from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Sharon Van Etten just being super cute and awesome as per usual.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Poem

“It’s so nice to wake up in the morning all alone and not have to tell somebody you love them when you don’t love them anymore.”

The words of American writer and poet Richard Brautigan (1935-1984), found on the wall of Haider Ackermann’s memoboard.

Brautigan died of a self-inflicted bullet wound to the head in October of 1984. Exactly a year after I was born, not that it means anything, but still...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So here's a MIFF film I missed in the first list

I Killed My Mother - Xavier Dolan

This guy just won the Sydney Film Fest award with his film Heartbeats but this is one of his earlier films. I wish they were both screening. The trailer for Heartbeats looks amazing - in the vein of the beautiful and crushing (I am Love, A Single Man) that we have had so much of this year (and on this blog).

My Mum is gagging to see Heartbeats but I reckon I'll take her to this instead. Or is that too weird?

Also Mother of Rock about awesome local lady and rock critic of the coolest NYC years (the late 70s like der) Lillian Roxon is also screening but no trailer as yet - but I'm gonna go see this too. Not with my mother though - just in case you were wondering.

Big Wave

Download new Jenny Lewis (with Jonathon Rice) here! Its super cute and poppy and makes me want to get a massive Vitamin D dose ASAP.
Summer of the movies I miss you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MIFF less about the films and more about the scheduling

A friend asked me to write up some tips for MIFF scheduling and then I just got on a weird roll so I thought I'd share my tips for MIFF survival and how to not make me hate you.
  • Co-ordinate early with your mates as having a friend at a film means you will leave the house to see a Lars Von Trier film at 9pm on a freezing cold Tuesday night and stand in line for about an hour. Also really think about what you can and will want to do scheduling wise. Do you even want to leave the house at 9pm on Tues night to stand in line? If you schedule 3 films in a row will you even enjoy the 3rd one?

  • Also try and find out whats coming out in cinemas and when - cause even though somethings getting a release it might be in 1-2 years and who wants to wait that long to see White Ribbon?

  • Also don't get too top heavy with your MIFF schedule or you will burn yourself out and also it can be sad when you get to the final weeks and there are no more films to look forward to. This can sometimes result in overspending - pacing people, pacing!

  • Don't assume just cause the doco is about something good its going to be good. Lots of bad docos were made about good subjects.

  • Make sure to go see one weird, random film you don't know anything about just because someone (or some few) say its amazing. It helps with control issues and is usually a festival highlight cause y'know you never would have seen it otherwise. Foreign films are usually good for this as well as those arty films with no talking for 4 hours.

  • On the flip side don't pick things you don't want to watch because you feel you should! Some people like crap docos about good subjects - a lot! Also sometimes a Saturday night is not a good time to see a brutal french horror film like Martyrs when maybe you’re the kind of person that should be seeing a documentary about a day in the life of supermodel instead.

  • Bring water. Paying for water sucks and you will get thirsty.

  • Plan meal times in between films. You will get hungry. Its flu season so try and be healthy otherwise you will get sick.

  • Rug up in layers its definitely cold in the queue but is often warm inside the cinema with 200 other nerds mouth breathing.

  • Oh and please don't ask rhetorical questions in Q and A's. Also if five people before you have already thanked whoever it is for being there - you don’t have to do it again.

  • DON'T TAKE HOT FOOD INTO THE CINEMA EVER! I will find you and kill you. PS coffee doesn't count as food. If you bring me coffee during MIFF I will love you forever.

Monday, July 12, 2010

MIFF - "Eighty percent of success is showing up."

The Trotsky

Its MIFF time again! What a splendid excuse to post a picture of Jay Baruchel (playing Trotsky) and to bang on about films like the semi-epic nerd that I am.

This years MIFF felt a bit smaller and easier to navigate for me and lots easier to cut my list down to about 20 odd films. There were a few pleasant surprises e.g. I had no idea Jay Baruchel was in a film playing Trotsky(!) which is always nice. Anyway here's my list in semi chronological order by which I'm seeing them.

1. Air Doll - Hirokazu Koreeda - Hows this for a pleasant surprise and a great place to start - another year, another MIFF and another Koreeda film! This guy is pretty much incapable of making a bad film. If anyone saw Still Walking at last years MIFF you'll know what I'm talking about.

2. The Kids Are All Right - Lisa Cholodenko - This will probably come out later in the year but I'm thinking about taking my Mum to see it anyway. Lesbian couple (Annette Benning and Julianne Moore - like woah whattacouple) have a baby via Mark Ruffalo - awesome cast, interesting subject matter, good reviews, I reckon my Mum would love this film.

3. Tetro - Francis Ford Coppola - Black and White and Vincent Gallo - I'm kicking myself for not posting this as the pic instead of Jay B, oh well. Looks like Papa Coppola is taking some tips from his kids and doing the semi-autobiographical thing in his films now - power to him, looks awesome.

4. Life During Wartime - Todd Solondz - Awesome cast (Shirley Henderson, Paul Reubens, Alison Janney) and of course my boy Todd (I've forgiven you for Palindromes dude). This looks more Welcome to the Dollhouse vibes which is by far my fave Todd film.

5. The Red Chapel - Mads Br├╝gger - This is actually a tip-off from my pal Anthony Carew who watches a lot of films. Its one of his picks of the fest - I trust him, you should too.

6. The Trotsky - Jacob Tierney - OK confession time. I'm seeing this based on the fact that Jay Baruchel's in the starring role and that starring role is Leon Trotsky. It also got 7+ on IMDB how bad could it be? Or should I ask how awesome could it be?

7. Blank City - Celine Danhier - NYC blahblahblah no-wave blahblahblah post punk blahblahblah. This is totally my niche thing so forgive me for feeling self conscious crapping on about it. I get the feeling you wont' like this film if you don't like that sort've stuff (ie NYC, punk etc).

8. Beeswax - Andrew Bujalski - Woo-hoo more mumbles! From the guy who made Funny Ha Ha no less! Get all indie American on yourself right about NOW!

9. Au Hasard Balthazar - Robert Bresson - I still haven't seen this and its been on my old movies to watch list for aggeeeessss and it should be one yours too as Bresson is a genius and this is apparently his masterwork (but people do say that about all his films).

10. Enter the Void - Gaspar Noe - this guy scares the shit out of me in a good way. This is one of those films thats so much better to see at a festival as well. Doooo itttt or be left out of film nerd conversations for the next few months.

11. Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child - Tamra Davis - Made by Basquiat's pal which is always interesting - I'm just hoping its as good as this.

12. World on a Wire - Rainer Werner Fassbinder -I've decided if theres a chance to see any films by Fassbinder I should probably take that chance no matter what. Even if it is a sci-fi film - I don't really like sci fi or westerns. So if I'm seeing this just because Fassbinders awesome, that should be a good indication that everyone should try and see all 40 something Fassbinder films too.

13. Please Give -Nicole Holofcener - I love Holofcener's film Walking and Talking also starring Keener and I didn't totally hate nor totally love her others, Friends with Money and Lovely and Amazing also starring Keener. In my opinion shes a filmmaker that I like to see what she's thinking these days, what she's up to - like looking up an old friend, alway pleasant no matter what. This will get general release though.

15. Bill Cunningham New York - Richard Press - The original street style snapper who skipped over a photo of Catherine Deneuve because she wasn't wearing anything interesting and who Anna Wintour said she gets dressed for? Sounds like my kinda doco.

16.Chicks (Life at the Ranch) - Sophie Letourneur - Dialogue heavy french film about 20 somethings living in Paris? Yes please!

17. Trash Humpers - Harmony Korine - Yay! Harmony Korine! If you don't know why Korine = yay for film then don't bother with this - leave tickets for the rest of us. This looks like Korine's return to deform post Mister Lonely.

18. Au Revoir Taipei - Arvin Chen - I've heard there are a lot of beautiful food scenes in this crime-caper-romantic-comedy about fumbling love - bring snacks and get ready to be hit by the pretty.

19. Strange Powers: Stephen Merritt and The Magnetic Fields - Kerthy Fix and Gail O’Hara (of Chickfactor magazine) - This one took 10 years to make, so should be a good one. Though I'd say fans only pls.

20. Certified Copy - Abbas Kiarostami - this has so much buzz on it there is no way I'd miss it. Plus Juliette Binoche is charming in almost everything. Good way to end your festival.

Theres heaps of other stuff that I couldn't justify and/or will get general release, if your interested heres what almost made my top 20 - The Messenger, The Illusionist, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors, Ne Change Rien, Lemmy, Videocracy, The Family Jams, And Everything is Going Fine, Winter's Bone, Lourdes, Teenage Paparazzo, Film Socialisme, Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The last time I was this bummed out was when I said I would move the next door neighbours rabbit cage every day so he had a fresh patch of grass to eat for a week. I forgot after 2 days and the rabbit escaped and ran away from starvation.

I didn't even realise till the kid and his parents came home and found the rabbit gone and the empty cage sitting on a dry patch of grass.

I was 10 that kid was 5 - he cried for like a week - I know this because his parents kept me updated.

“One can survive everything nowadays, except death"

My hard drive died. So many pics and bits that will now go unposted - totes devo. I'm officially in mourning.

Of course this is my second hard drive fail - I last backed up 2 years ago the last time my hard drive died. I no longer think my hard drive is immortal. Will be buying some exxxy Mac back up software ASAP.

PS the rest of the quote above for Mr Wilde is:“...and live down anything, except a good reputation.” Its not really relevant to my hard drive but funny nonetheless.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"True success is figuring out your life and career so that you never have to be around jerks." - John Waters

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

L. Boogie spars with stars and constellations

I really regret not going to see Lauryn Hill earlier this year but c'mon what was I going to do at a reggae festival besides try not to hate everyone to death with nasty sarcastic remarks?

Thats why I was super excited to hear this NPR story where Lauryn confirmed she's recording again - best news I could get on a freezing grey Thursday.

Monday, July 5, 2010

“Walt Disney with blood.”

Jean-Luc Godard - Made in USA (1966) excerpt

Yes that is Marianne Faithfull singing acapella 'Tears Go By'

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Camille Bidault Waddington at Brasserie Lipp, Paris. Photo Olivier Zahm (via purplediary)

I want this hat very badly.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best Movies of 2010 so far (a biased list)

1. Fish Tank - Andrea Arnold

Everything about this film was perfect - the performances, the script and the soundtrack. Best of all its not jam-it-down-your-throat over emotive and confrontational yet still including a lot of scenes where some weird fucked up stuff shit goes down.

2. Kick Ass - Matthew Vaugh

Kick Ass not only looks great but it somehow managed to have a little girl say 'cunt' and star Nicholas Cage and get away with being completely charming. Also where did Aaron Johnson come from? Between Kick Ass and Nowhere Boy and managing to pull of a Cera/Eisenberg role with complete charm and better looks - well, is there nothing he can't do?

3. Youth in Revolt - Miguel Arteta

I don't know why this film got such a weird "release" - Cera is at his best AND in white pants no-less!

4. Greenberg - Noah Baumbach

I hated this film when I first saw it. I really did and I was really upset about it. However I've kept thinking about it and have somehow come around to it - Rhys Ifans character especially for some reason? I can't work out whether I liked it/didn't like it because I relate to it too much or not enough? No matter as I think its very important to society (and my life) that Baumbach keeps making films.

5. Mother - Joon-ho Bong

I loved 'The Host' (same dir.) and this film is just as good if not better in a much more understated and unexpected way. This film should have been so much bigger than it was.

6. Fantastic Mr Fox - Wes Anderson

I don't love everything Anderson does. For example I hated 'Rushmore' but this was great and really cute (perfect summer movie too). Plus Jarvis Cocker stop-motion cameo? So good!

7. I Am Love - Luca Guadagnino

Beautiful and crushing.

8. A Single Man - Tom Ford

More beautiful than I am Love but less crushing? Which is weird cause it was all about love = death. Whereas the former seemed to be more about love = life = death = life. PS Clearly I am not a math's student.

9. A Prophet - Jacques Audiard

This is one of the most interesting prison x ghost x gangster movies I've ever seen. Really well cast and perfect characters, the film had a great pace to it too. The ghost scenes were my fave.

10. Exit Through the Gift Shop - Banksy

This film is so well edited and funny. I don't care who directed it or if its true etc. IF ITS GOOD IT DOESN'T MATTER a la James Frey.

Honorable Mentions - 'Broken Embraces' as Amoldovar and Cruz always works, 'Date Night' because it was an OK screwball and Fey and Carrel are adorable and kinda worked, 'Ghost Writer' Polanksi film making all about the million of details you don't notice but are essential, 'The Runaways' in the grand tradition of 'Whip It' and 'Almost Famous' I could watch these all over and over again, 'Looking For Eric' I know nothing about football but I loved this, 'Four Lions' I think the directors intro to this film MADE me love it - its not that far from reality, 'Killer Inside of Me' everything about this film looked good even bludgeonings to death and 'Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work' because this made me LOVE Joan!

Films I Missed/ Haven't Come Out in Australia - Streetdance 3D, Shutter Island, Happy Tears, Leaves of Grass, Trash Humpers, A Solitary Love, Videocracy, Winter's Bone, Cyrus, Toy Story 3, Ondine, Life During Wartime, Valhalla Rising etc and so on.