Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thomas Wolfe was right

I want to live here - this is what i want my future apartment to be like - comfortable, cosy, not too cluttered! Maybe with a wall of books (in built book shelf) and a photo wall of mismatched frames and a stag head and other weird crap i find on design sponge

(via design sponge - wherelse?)

where am i or where would i like to be?

I love these map totes - not big enough for all my stuff i carry around (sneakers/library books/m-up/umbrella/notebooks/snacks /phone/ipod/camera etc) and bound to get filthy in my careless hands - but still for someone more minimal and careful - adorable! AND so cheap - like the budgie!

(more here maptotes)

me and me boyfriends

I've just tangently link leaped onto my new favourite site called Nerd Boyfriend. My faves are almost always the guys with their girl counterparts - guy photos on their own are always a bit boring. My fave thing - is the fashion tips/shops below the pic. Someone needs to make this website for girls! More guys need to get on this tip!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Glitter on the west streets Silver over everything

Old Skool animated GIF aka not the new video (see below).

Peep Karen O sporting a fabulous fairy outfit in Yeah Yeah Yeahs creepy new video to single 'Heads Will Roll'.


The clip was directed by Richard Ayoade of The Mighty Boosh.

I'm not a huge fan of this particular clip as the YYY's have had some pretty amazing videos - plus wheres the Little Shadow/Hysteric video?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodness and Badness

The good news - Jodorowsky's King Shot is beginning shooting in October with backing from Lynch. Serious Jodorowsky devotee Marilyn Manson (who was married with Jodo standing in as the minister in his "The Holy Mountain" garb) is also set to star. Dreams do come true kids.

The bad news - Zach Braff is in negotiations to direct, rewrite and co-star in a comedy called "Swingles". Ew.

via (The Playlist)

“Look at how funky he is.”

“Supersonic, idiotic, disconnected, not respected. Who would ever really want to go and top that?"

Oh yeah teen witch makes me wish i had magic powers so i could go back a relive the 80s right!

“I’m hot. And you’re not. But if you want to hang with me, I’ll give it one shot. Top that!”

I love it when I hear ya name, got me sayin' baby, baby, baby,

I'm not into kids stuff personally but if i was i'd be into this - in fact do they make one for twenty somethings? (via wrybaby)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mariah, Aaliyah, Ashanti, Beyonce, Cassie, Yummy...

Queen B: THE PARTY - Girls, Girls, Girls - June 5th @ La Di Da Bar in Melbourne - HOTT!

Friday, May 15, 2009

live performances have been owning lately

lonely island - i'm on a boat (fallon)

animal collective - summertime clothes (letterman)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


um, come to my party it'll be fun.

email STAT for way cheaper entry!!! weezy f baby joints & party jams all nite long….

La Di Da: 577 Little bourke st (enter via king st-near all da strippers) Melbourne City from 10pm it’s on bitches!

all funds go towards bringing Lil Wayne out to Australia or getting me back to NYC. xo

cool kids belong together

this kid pretty much owns.

via viktor vautier

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

short response to godard

a short response to jean-luc godard's histoire(s) du cinema from S. Karklina on Vimeo.

"I definitely want to keep being a cartoonist, but I wouldn’t mind branching out and doing other stuff, because comics are such a thankless, pointless existence." - Julia Wertz

i really want to interview julia wertz just for fan girl sake.

check out her article on Missbehave

via fart party

Monday, May 4, 2009

"I miss the peace, the quiet lightness that of this life a mirror makes"

"...where all is painted in an instant and on which everything glides."

Les Amants Reguliers (2005) Philippe Garrel