Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Voy a Explotar (I'm Gonna Explode)

Jesus Christ - this trailer totally killed me. There have been a lot of bad trailers around recently - must memorable for me is Forgetting Sarah Marshall which I loved and the trailer made it look so bad! I found the whole thing quite upsetting. Bad trailers lead to people seeing movies alone people cause no one who wants to go see something with a crappy looking trailer (except me of course).

There is an art to the trailer AKA theres more reaons than Meryl Streep x Alec Baldwin that everyone wants to see Its Complicated.

Anyway this film looks amazing exec produced by Diego Luna and Geal Garcia Bernal can't be a bad sign (**lalala Rudo Y Cursi never happened lalala**) and all the touches of french new wave meets mexican hotness and the use of an Interpol song that doesn't make me wanna revisit breakfast? Exciting - but is this too late in the day for MIFF or ACMI? Should I be looking to Video Dogs/Criterion once more? Le sigh.


Conall said...

This screened at ACMI a few weeks ago during the Hola Mexico festival, you just missed it! Pretty good, even if the Pierrot le fou comparison made by so many critics was rather overdone.

Samantha Chater said...

jesus really? its so hard - sometimes I feel like you have go through festivals with a fine tooth comb to find the good stuff - and then still miss the really good stuff!

Conall said...

yeah, this was definitely the only thing that looked very interesting from that festival; I probably only took notice of it because i'd read J. Hoberman's review shortly before seeing the program guide