Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best Movies You've Never Seen #2

Following (1998) - dir. Christopher Nolan

Touches of new-noir(?) and memento (of course) are here but less extreme which is kinda nice and less of the mess-with-your-head type thing which makes for more relaxed weekend viewing. I really do love how short it is too - barely 70 minutes - thats what I call good editing and respect for your audiences time.

I really dig on some Nolan's stuff (Batman Begins, Dark Night and Memento) but I kinda think the rest of his stuff is overrated (Insomnia and the Prestige - but lots of people disagree with me on these two). I do like how even his action films have a lot to do with paranoia and how your own mind can mess with you.

Also excited about inception support starring the talented Joseph Gordon Levitt - will be a good one to wash the awful taste of (500) Days of Summer out of my mouth.

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