Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girls can wear jeans, cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots,

I was inspired by this blog post to think about my current style inspirations. Its weird to see them all together - they all look quite the same? In case you couldn't tell I love androgyny though I can never quite pull it off.

1. Jeanne Moreau in Francois Truffaut's Jules et Jim

2. Patti Smith (especially in a Keith Richards t-shirt)

3. Diane Keaton in any Woody Allen film

4. Clotilde Hesme in Philippe Garrel's Les amants réguliers

5. Lou Dillon

6. Another anonymous Sartorialist girl


Every Little Counts said...

you have all my favorites here. great post <3

Samantha Chater said...

oh thankyou! they all have such great personal style and sooooo simple! x