Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"So would you believe me anyway?"

Sometimes writing something concise like 6 words short is infinitely harder to do than to write something 600 words long. This is why in high school people kept banging on about 'Jesus wept.' being the best and most beautiful sentence ever written. This is why in Whit Stillman's 'Last Days of Disco' Chloe Sevigny's character Alice thinks that writing a really great quote is better than writing a great novel. Hemingway once said that his best work was the following:'For sale: baby shoes, never worn.'

Six words, untold possibilities. Theres something about the compact and the concise that resonates with us instantly. Perhaps this is why twitter is so popular?

Anyway I'm going to try and write my 6 word memoir before I die - but before you have the pleasure enjoy some greater writers attempts. They're pretty funny - especially James Frey who is now, I believe, one of the most underrated writers of our generation - thanks Oprah!

(via LA TIMES)

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