Monday, November 29, 2010

The genius of 'Pitchfork Reviews Reviews'

19 hours after its release, jesse eisenberg still hasn’t heard My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

anyway so then a few minutes later, jesse eisenberg’s handlers clear a path for him to go take a picture with the DJ and i catch him near the DJ booth and i go up to him and say “so have you listened to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy yet?” because i feel like i should do some coverage of that record given the title of this blog obviously and he
smiles at me but then looks nervous and says he hasn’t listened to it and i say “well do you like Kanye West?” and he thinks about the question and goes “wait why are you asking me this?” and i say “i write a tumblr about music” and he thinks about this and wrings his hands, which is something i do a lot, and if he was just some other kid who was here reporting on a celebrity gala, and not a movie star, i might have made conversation with him and compared nervous habits like hand-wringing and constant hair adjustments, but he is a movie star in a rush so i don’t, and then he says something to indicate that he doesn’t want to tell me if he likes Kanye West, and then he says “i’m not… i’m not a voice in the music industry”

I've spent the last few days listening to nothing but Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and tell you the truth I feel a bit like I've also been tripping. I'm WestWhelmed and/or WestedOut. So as part of a little MBDTF-detox heres a funny review review - to remind me not to take West and his masterpeice - or its Pitchfork 10.0 - too seriously.

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