Saturday, November 6, 2010

From the desk of Julie Klausner

7. Emo Guys Who Have Crushes on Pam from “The Office”

I get it, fellas. She’s not intimidating, like one of those women who wears make-up and styles her hair, and has a good job that she enjoys, and confidence, and a..what do you call it…an adult woman’s sexuality. There’s nothing scary there, because there’s no mystery: she’s just like you! Mousy and shy. And one day your fantasy will come true. You’ll meet a nerdy, cute girl just like that (like you), and NOBODY BUT YOU WILL KNOW SHE’S PRETTY! Shhh! It’s a secret! And she’ll melt when she sees your record collection, and she’ll swoon when you play her the song you wrote, and she’ll never want to go out to a party where you’ll be forced to talk to people of social status, or comb your hair, or buy grown-up shoes, or demonstrate a hearty handshake, or make eye contact, or basically act like a man. You know what? If you want to date somebody just like you, here’s a novel idea: be gay. At a certain point, there’s a lot more dignity to actually taking it in the ass.

I'm currently reading Julie Klausner's book 'I don't care about you're band..' and this is my favourite part so far.

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