Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's like I was born not out of legs but I was born of arms.

When I was a bit younger I was very obsessed with Cat Power to the point where I judged people on whether they were good people or not based on how they felt about Cat Power - I was 20 OK? I was also super broke back then and barely had enough money for coffee let alone music - but art is totally the food of the soul and I went without food for as long as needed to save up enough money to buy all CP's CDs (pre internet downloads oi) and a concert ticket at full price just so I could have it ALL (this is pre-lounge singer as well Chan BTW no vibe on that shiz).

I have a similar feeling about Sharon Van Etten. Only back in 2000 the term 'gotta-girl-crush' wasn't as prevalent. Not that I'm as naive or as broke as I once was but I am similarly obsessed with SVE's music and want everyone to know about it. In case you couldn't tell I wrote these three blog posts. I had a pre-release listen to Sharon Van Etten's newie Epic over at NPR - and I can confirm she just keeps getting better. Sharon's two CDs have been one of my favourite things about 2010.

Also they kinda look and sound a like right?

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