Thursday, September 9, 2010

Its my blog and I'll post what I want to

(via HitRecord)

I have no idea what Joseph Gordon Levitt's HitRecord does - some sort've online creative collabo collective gone viral I think? - but I like that he does it because then I can gawk at him singing and doing covers and stuff at parties he holds for this crew.

Because I'm way too old, I can't have TV Hits posters of him on my wall or anything (such a fangirl really) plus I don't buy magazines that have posters of celebrities which is such a shame really. Plus y'know it would be a bit weird and creepy. Like if I invited friends over and they were like 'why do you have a lifesize poster of some good looking celebrity on your wall?' and I was all 'because he's hot like duh' - I don't need anymore obvious signposts of this weird teenage regression slip I'm having at the moment.

However here on the internet where weird and creepy is what its all about, I can do what. Like link to this.

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