Monday, September 27, 2010

She had to remember not to drink like that. Bill had been nice about it though.

The Gift by The Velvet Underground - sometimes you think you know a band inside and out (especially when they've broken up) and then you hear something incredible and new that you've somehow missed its one of the best kinds of revelations. As thorough as we try and be to "suck the marrow" out of life its nice to discover things or have them discovered for us (Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service again!). I love this track so much - mainly the short story by John Cale - but the instrumental is great too.

In other Velvets news how great is this Jonathon Richman track? I've been having trouble finding it onlines - total bummer.

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Johanna said...

my dream man! (jonathan richman, so swellegent) x