Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mad Men Vibes

UNITED STATES-Grey Advertising, 1959
NEW YORK CITY-Grey Group Advertising, 1959

NEW YORK CITY—A literary cocktail party at George Plimpton's Upper East Side apartment. Plimpton is seated at left with literary agent Maggie Abbott next to him. At top, left to right: Jonathan Miller, Gore Vidal, Ricky Leacock, Robert Laskey, and Paul Heller. In background, left to right: Ralph Ellison and Peter Matthiessen. Center: Walter Bernstein (seated on couch with back to camera), Sydney Lumet (behind Bernstein to right), Mario Puzo (leaning against mirror), Jack Richardson (tall man, front, right foreground), Arthur Kopit (foreground, right), Frank Perry (left of Kopit), Eleanor Perry (left of Frank), Arthur Penn (obscured behind Eleanor), and Truman Capote (center on couch), 1963.

Mad Men is back on TV (if you watch all your TV on the internerdz anyway) and Don Draper has gone all desperado vibes and I'm all obsesso with the late 50s again - can we bring some dogs to our next brainstorming session pls?

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