Sunday, March 14, 2010

rattled by the rush

I saw Pavement last night at the Palace in Melbourne. I've always liked Pavement a lot but never been a 'ment-head' - and of course theres always fans and there are the real fans and I would definitely class myself in the former. BUT - hands down this is possibly one of THE BEST shows I've ever seen. It was literally like taking a time warp back into the 90s - helped by the fact that Malkamus still looks 22 years old (he and Thurston Moore must be trading eternal child secrets) - it sounded amazing, great song choices and the lighting was super cute - strings of white bulbs threaded atop the stage.

Gold Soundz and Summer Babe were definite highlights for me - but its hard to pick faves. Now I just want to run out and buy all the albums I don't have and listen to them over and over!

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