Friday, March 5, 2010

“The things in my songs are the edited highlights of my life. I don't go seeking out strange sexual experiences every day of the week.”

Gotta love a man that can dance! I really regret not going to Jarvis Cocker's show in Melbourne. Heavy tragedy. However I'm really loving his latest album "Further Complications"(too late as usual) and, uh, well done Steve Albini!

He's such a snappy dresser too - see below!

PS “I got a pair of red, synthetic satin women's pants through the post the other day with a phone number on. That was quite strange. I haven't tried the phone number. In times of stress I may.” - Jarvis

(via So Much To Tell You)


Every Little Counts said...

he is just so damn sexy. that voice kills me...

Johanna said...

I die for Jarvis! I realise I have also said this about Jason Schwartzman, but my love for Jarvis has endured since high school and that counts for something, right??