Monday, January 30, 2012

How To: Throw Yourself a Pity Party

Speaking of staying in....
How To: Throw Yourself a Pity Party
1. Alcohol. Whatever floats your boat.2. Lounging gear. Opt for cozy knits and a warm water bottle to hug.3. Food. Sometimes only ice cream will do the trick.4. Music, Movies & Journaling. I’ve watched Casablanca since high school and it still does the trick. I also posted my weepiest tunes on 8tracks and Spotify. Totally subjective and personal, but yeah, Radiohead makes me bawl.
Best Practices (for good measure):
1. Lay off the social media. This is an intimate party and odds are you’re not your “best self” in this state of mind. And let’s be honest, it’s probably pretty irritating to everyone else, too.2. Reach out to someone you can trust if you need support. Talking through things often helps us move on.3. Remember that everything looks better in the morning light. You’ll feel better tomorrow, I promise.
 (via Wit and Delight)

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