Saturday, April 23, 2011

O Rebelde!

Confession - I haven't actually watched Tuff Turf as yet. It stars a very young, very pretty, very swoonable - did I mention pretty? - James Spader (ps. SWOON).

Judging by the outfits and narrated trailer alone, I'm gonna bet this is a film that will be added to the hallowed halls of the best movies you've (I've) never seen. I like how it reflects my up and down relationship with 80s fashion - the more conservative everyone else dresses (aka North America I'm looking at chu) the more I long for some colour and sex AKA personal style beyond Urban Outfitters. 80s you ain't looking so bad.

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Johanna said...

been dying to see Tuff Turf forever! luff 80s James Spader, aka perfection as a WASP x