Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Is How The World Ends

Those who know me know I love 90s cinema and a lot of Queer Cinema so it makes sense that I love Gregg Araki and his films. It was super fun in a film nerdy way to listen to him talk about his films and his inspirations (thanks to living in Toronto and being 20 minutes from TIFF Lightbox at any given point).

Unsurprisingly a lot of his inspirations like a lot of 90s film makers are very film schooly - based on auteur theory and a love of screwball comedies and couple-on-the-run movies. Seeing clips from Doom Generation and Nowhere etc made me super nostalgic for my early 20s when I got obsesso about Araki and seeing a clip from his first film Three Bewildered People in The Night made me want to see it super badly (reminded me of Mala Noche Gus Van Sant's first film) but stupidly I didn't realise it was screening straight after the In Conversation which was a bit of a blerg. I couldn't even find the trailer online to show you guys!

I did however find a stream of his lost MTV pilot - I know right - called This Is How The World Ends which you should check out if you love Araki and his referential and escapist style as much as I.

TRIVIA - Margaret Cho's first role was in Doom Generation - crazy right?!

TRIVIA 2 - Though I pegged The Living End as riffing on Bruce La Bruce which Araki neither confirmed or denied he did say that Splendor was based on Ernst Lubitsch's Design for Living (I haven't seen either...yet).

TRIVIA 3 - Rose McGowan and Jonathon Schaech who starred in Doom Generation hated each other

TRIVIA 4 - James Duvall Araki's muse of sorts is straight but used to say he was bisexual to not offend his gay fan base - Araki commented to Duvall that to be bisexual you have to sleep with a guy first.

TRIVIA 5 - Araki often casts in coffee shops just like Hollywood of ye olde and his love for LA makes me think a lot about Los Angeles Plays Itself and that I wish it had included more Araki.

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