Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cry Me A River

I actually don't know if I have any crying songs ie songs that make you get all choked up and weepy. I'm actually not much of a bawler when it comes to popular culture, I rarely cry in movies and I can't remember crying to a song ever. Maybe its because I listen to so much sad girly folk I'm immune to its boo-hoo powers.

I am a big fan of cathartic angry-sad songs and Bruce Springsteen writes some awesome ones. 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' is totally one of my faves of these. I'd probably cry some 'rage' tears to this next time the man keeps me down.

Can anyone recommend some 'crying songs'? Or better yet some more cathartic angry-sad songs?

PS what makes a song make a man cry but not a woman or the article that originally inspired this


Just Erin said...

Excited to comment! I really like your writing, and having an excuse to comment it is awesome.

I'm a bit of an emo from way back, so a lot of my music collection, I think, is a giant emotional purge. However, in saying that I may feel more easily than you... ?

All the same, my recommendations are:
stinger - razorlight
no seatbelt song - brand new
sonny - funeral for a friend
dancing dirt into the snow - missy higgins
existentialism on prom night - straylight run
this song is brought to you by a falling bomb - thursday
shampoo - elvis perkins in dearland

Probably my ultimate emo playlist, because they build and explode. While this may not be your music taste normally, maybe the distance between you and this genre may help you to feel?

too much? sorry.

Samantha said...

i'll have to take a listen! AND thanks for reading!