Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Working people have alot of bad habits, but the worst of these is work

I was inspired by this blog post to think about my bad everyday habits (besides having a job)

  1. Biting my nails (I only half stopped some of the time)

  2. Smoking

  3. Putting off what I can "air out" today rather than dry-clean tomorrow

  4. Pretending I'm going to spend all weekend dusting, selling things on ebay and reading Tolstoy when I know deep down instead I'll be drinking cocktails, reading comics and rewatching Seinfeld in bed.

  5. Oh Ebay

  6. Buying eye cream and not using it

  7. Not spending money on things that are worth money ie wool coat, winter boots and leather gloves.

  8. Using bad language like LOL, OMG, BTW, ATM and liking it a lot

On a bad habit note here are some cute things that I could buy to help me kick my bad habits - bad language and smoking oh and these two of course (LOL).

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