Sunday, June 27, 2010

Best Movies You've Never Seen #9

The Baxter (2005) - Michael Showalter

I love Michael Showalter. Confession, I may have missed The State but I've seen both The Ten and Wet Hot American Summer both enough times to make up for it. Though I totally get that both of those movies are a certain brand of humour I'd say that The Baxter is the film that would unify pro-Showalters with Showalter-haters. That is if anyone saw it.

An ode to the romantically challenged (which for film nerds is like shooting fish in a barrel right?) The Baxter is about the guy who gets left at the altar in your typical romantic comedy - and how will-he-won't-he finally figure out how to get the girl. Its kinda like Showalter's take on Woody Allen - yet unlike Allen in most of his film Showalter seems less virile and more dull, nice and likeable - but still funny of course.

Basically if there was a prize for the best rom com of the last ten years this would be my choice.


magicsteven said...

good stuff i completely agree with you on this

the state & stella: complete tv series are at videodogs

...also if you haven't seen stella shorts dvd it's incredibly good


Samantha Chater said...

I haven't seen either series - let along the shorts! i really should shouldn't I? Will be making a special trip to carlton some time soon if i can't rent these by mail...

She Was No Good said...

LOVE The Baxter. Though I gotta admit, Justin Theroux makes it reeeeeally difficult to focus on Showalter.