Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best Movies You've Never Seen #7

La double vie de Véronique (1991) - Krzysztof Kieślowski

So I'm trying to include things that aren't French into my viewing schedule but I still seem to be magnetically drawn to the 90s era of filmmaking - I can't help it!

I am one of these people that still hasn't seen the Three Colours Cycle - yet, its something I hope to remedy ASAP - so this was my first Kieślowski film. I loved it so much. My attitude to Kieślowski reminds me of how I avoided reading Camus because everyone loves him so much and bangs on about how great he is, including a lot of people whose taste you doubt, but then you finally read him and realise why everybody loves him - because he's awesome.

Back to the film, I love the idea of fate vs free will and all that, so the subject matter was was totally up my alley. Also it has the most beautiful soundtrack - something that both me and my mother (and grandmother) would probably love if you get my drift. All that and dual-lead Irene Jacob is absolutely amazing in this as well. I now want to track down some of her other films as well.

TRIVIA - Harvey Weinstein asked Kieślowski for an alternate ending for the US release of 'The Double Life of Veronika' which of course is included in the Criterion edition - oh Criterion how I love/loathe you equally. Like I don't have enough on my Criterion wishlist anyway!

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