Saturday, April 10, 2010

i've been out walking i don't do too much talking these days

I've been wanting to learn guitar since I was young but instead learnt piano for 12 years (hated it and didn't improve much after the first 2 years), drums for 2 years, bass guitar for a month (i figured with piano and drums i should really cut back).

I think now that I'm nearly 27 I should add learning guitar to my things to do - amongst learning to drive, moving overseas, running a 5k and volunteering. Quitting smoking is something I plan to do after completing all these tasks AKA if I don't complete them I get to keep smoking - duh, logic!

These Days by Jackson Browne for Nico was always the first song I wanted to learn as well.

I also kinda loved 'The Guitar' directed by Amy Redford though I've never felt the burning connection I still love the idea behind this film. Though I'm planning on getting an acoustic first and upgrading to a red electric later.

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