Monday, June 8, 2009

i've been out walking i don't do too much talking these days

I still love this scene - and this movie (The Royal Tenenbaums), but am starting to hate Wes Anderson more and more. Partly because of Anderson becoming a default hipster stamp across the world - e.g. Q: What music do you like?
A: Bob Dylan/Tom Waits
Q: What movies do you like?
A: I like Wes Anderson films.
Ready made responses of I'm into "good" music/films etc I'm cool - little bit left of centre etc The thing is Wes Anderson isn't even that good - I loathed Rushmore, what is oft said to be Anderson's "perfect movie". Trust me, I've tried to rewatch and hated it every time, the weird thing is I like snippets I see on youtube, quotes from the film, music from the film but the film as a whole? Just awful. Its pieces just make a great ol' mess.

Also Steve Zissou was possibly one of the worst things I've ever seen and if one more person tells me Bottle Rocket was the best film ever just because its the first Wes Anderson film I may have to hurt them. Darjeeling? It was OK but not spectacular by any means.

Of course there is a lot to like about Anderson e.g. Royal Tenenbaums, good use of music particularly indie music (without being too heavy handed), the colour grading, set and costume design, use of the futura font etc but none of these great aspects add up to great films all the time - sometimes they make it more bearable though.

Also read this and tell me Wes Anderson is all a good thing.

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Simon Zoric said...

I think you are right, though i still really like rushmore. All those other films in that link are just awful awful awful.