Saturday, June 20, 2009

All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.

How you know you’ll enjoy a Godard film:

* You have a hole in your heart
* You can’t stand the warmth of sunshine
* Smoking is breathing
* Woman are not just objects of desire but industrial magnets in an auto-scrap yard
* When you feel nothing you still feel something
* There’s no point to anything, but it’s no excuse not to get dressed up
* Guns are not just phallic but a monolithic burden
* There is life after death, you just can’t smoke
* Your strengths will ultimately destroy you
* Your worth is proportionate to how well you scowl
* If you’re boring you might as well be dead
* The normal process of being human (i.e. eating, drinking, walking) is just a suggestion
* Men are cowards, therefore endlessly fascinating
* Childhood is parole for adulthood
* Responsibility is in the hands of people with little worth, jealousy is the motivation for all action
* Only true heroes live to die


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