Sunday, December 18, 2011

I believe in love! I mean there's gotta be something for people to cling to besides TV right?

It was Gregg Araki's birthday on Saturday. I'm crap with friends b'days, hell my own parents are hard enough, so goes without saying, I totally didn't realise it was Gregg's.  Opening Ceremony did though! They curated a cute little dress in OC x screen cap ode that you can check here.

Seeing Gregg in conversation a TIFF Bell Lightbox was one of my all time fave events of the year - a year which included shaking Whit Stillman's hand, moving to Toronto, spending a month in Thailand with my best gal pal, going on a road trip to Detroit and visiting the Mo-town museum and seeing EMA, Louis CK, Malcolm Gladwell (and bajillion other peeps) live. So you know it was pretty good.

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