Thursday, July 15, 2010

So here's a MIFF film I missed in the first list

I Killed My Mother - Xavier Dolan

This guy just won the Sydney Film Fest award with his film Heartbeats but this is one of his earlier films. I wish they were both screening. The trailer for Heartbeats looks amazing - in the vein of the beautiful and crushing (I am Love, A Single Man) that we have had so much of this year (and on this blog).

My Mum is gagging to see Heartbeats but I reckon I'll take her to this instead. Or is that too weird?

Also Mother of Rock about awesome local lady and rock critic of the coolest NYC years (the late 70s like der) Lillian Roxon is also screening but no trailer as yet - but I'm gonna go see this too. Not with my mother though - just in case you were wondering.

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