Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best Movies of 2010 so far (a biased list)

1. Fish Tank - Andrea Arnold

Everything about this film was perfect - the performances, the script and the soundtrack. Best of all its not jam-it-down-your-throat over emotive and confrontational yet still including a lot of scenes where some weird fucked up stuff shit goes down.

2. Kick Ass - Matthew Vaugh

Kick Ass not only looks great but it somehow managed to have a little girl say 'cunt' and star Nicholas Cage and get away with being completely charming. Also where did Aaron Johnson come from? Between Kick Ass and Nowhere Boy and managing to pull of a Cera/Eisenberg role with complete charm and better looks - well, is there nothing he can't do?

3. Youth in Revolt - Miguel Arteta

I don't know why this film got such a weird "release" - Cera is at his best AND in white pants no-less!

4. Greenberg - Noah Baumbach

I hated this film when I first saw it. I really did and I was really upset about it. However I've kept thinking about it and have somehow come around to it - Rhys Ifans character especially for some reason? I can't work out whether I liked it/didn't like it because I relate to it too much or not enough? No matter as I think its very important to society (and my life) that Baumbach keeps making films.

5. Mother - Joon-ho Bong

I loved 'The Host' (same dir.) and this film is just as good if not better in a much more understated and unexpected way. This film should have been so much bigger than it was.

6. Fantastic Mr Fox - Wes Anderson

I don't love everything Anderson does. For example I hated 'Rushmore' but this was great and really cute (perfect summer movie too). Plus Jarvis Cocker stop-motion cameo? So good!

7. I Am Love - Luca Guadagnino

Beautiful and crushing.

8. A Single Man - Tom Ford

More beautiful than I am Love but less crushing? Which is weird cause it was all about love = death. Whereas the former seemed to be more about love = life = death = life. PS Clearly I am not a math's student.

9. A Prophet - Jacques Audiard

This is one of the most interesting prison x ghost x gangster movies I've ever seen. Really well cast and perfect characters, the film had a great pace to it too. The ghost scenes were my fave.

10. Exit Through the Gift Shop - Banksy

This film is so well edited and funny. I don't care who directed it or if its true etc. IF ITS GOOD IT DOESN'T MATTER a la James Frey.

Honorable Mentions - 'Broken Embraces' as Amoldovar and Cruz always works, 'Date Night' because it was an OK screwball and Fey and Carrel are adorable and kinda worked, 'Ghost Writer' Polanksi film making all about the million of details you don't notice but are essential, 'The Runaways' in the grand tradition of 'Whip It' and 'Almost Famous' I could watch these all over and over again, 'Looking For Eric' I know nothing about football but I loved this, 'Four Lions' I think the directors intro to this film MADE me love it - its not that far from reality, 'Killer Inside of Me' everything about this film looked good even bludgeonings to death and 'Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work' because this made me LOVE Joan!

Films I Missed/ Haven't Come Out in Australia - Streetdance 3D, Shutter Island, Happy Tears, Leaves of Grass, Trash Humpers, A Solitary Love, Videocracy, Winter's Bone, Cyrus, Toy Story 3, Ondine, Life During Wartime, Valhalla Rising etc and so on.

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bigJIMsunshine said...

When I saw Joan's documentary, I wasn’t expecting to be affected as strongly as I was. It was really very touching, she has had some hard times in her life, and still manages to show up everyday and give it her all. I really respect her for that.