Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gimme a M-I-double F!

The MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) program was released on Friday a mere 14 days before the festival. I've pretty much spent this weekend agonising and research and re-reading and prioritising the 10 or so films I'm planning on attending this year (10 is the number on my mini-pass, I'm forking $135 over for!). Its important to start large and cut back I've come up with a list of 30 or so and culled back from there with filters such as a) no weekday films before 6.15PM, as I won't make them b) no weekend films before 12PM

as I won't make them c) anything that doesn't like mind altering amazing or like a really good "festival" film and is likely to get a general release later in the year I'm leaving off my list. Trust me this process is not easy, but a fun way to spend my weekend really.

I'm faced with some dilemma's such as - Kate Bush documentary?

Notes - This film is old and seemed to have sunk without a stone with no general cinematic release in sight and I hate talking head documentaries. Then again on the other hand so many gems sink without general release even to DVD and I LOVE KATE BUSH MORE THAN LIFE. See the dilemma? This could really be my only chance to further my Kate Bush obsession with intimate details of her career and personal life e.g. her no touring stance, as well as a variety of hair styles over the years, cute childhood photos and her almost career as a ballerina etc. Traumatic stuff - its so easy to live in regret with these choices - I've done it before.
Thus far I'm looking at
1. The Guitar (general release vs my obsession with "life after finding out your going to die films") - *

2. Kate Bush - Under Review (see above) - *

3. Son of Rambow (general release?)

4. In Search of Midnight Kiss (general release?) - *

5. Ben X - *?

7. Roman Polanksi Wanted and Desired - (I hate talking head doco's vs I F**KING LOVE POLANSKI) - *

8. Funny Games (Haneke is p. good vs I hate N. Watts and remakes? ew, plus general release fo sho)

10. Whose afraid of Kathy Acker (there is no way this is getting a g.r.) - *

12. The Wackness (general release?)

14. A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (this could be awful (misogynistic and blokey humour), but it sounds kinda like a Woody film which is cute)

17. Fox and His Friends - Fassbinder **

18. OTTO - Bruce La Bruce !! - **

21. Frontier of Dawn -I love Phillipe Garrel **

22. I Think We're Alone Now - (there is almost no way this is getting g.r.) - *
*? - want to see but not 100 % * - really want to see ** -must see!

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Anonymous said...

i don't think A Complete History of My Sexual Failures is misogynistic or blokey. Occasionally it's a little bit wild, but mostly it's charming, sweet and intelligent. Of course I probably would say that as I'm the director of it. Anyway, hope you go see the film. If you do be sure to tell me whether I succeeded. All the best, Chris Waitt, Sexual Failure (UK)