Sunday, July 13, 2008

Better the Devil You Know

Another thing thats bugging me about this year's MIFF (besides the fact that mini-passes are too expensive and they won't tell you anything that doesn't already have a guaranteed general release) is that they are holding a single screening of the Robert Bresson film The Devil Probably and this is on a Friday at 12.15pm - I'm sorry but if you are holding one screening of a film as hard to find as this can you please at least hold it after 5PM or on a weekend? I mean honestly how good would this be as a late night feature? Its like if last year they screening El Topo only midday on a Monday. Ludicrous!

Its like they are just going 'oh no-one thats into cinema works full time!"

The worst bit is that its showing around the corner from my work at the Forum. So its so close yet so far AND theres no chance of sneaky sick day as I would so get busted!

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