Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side

I saw Mike Leigh's new film Happy Go Lucky the other day - I got last minute free tickets from a botched Rialto screening (the publicist wanted blood!). It was good but I'd have to say it left me feeling confused as to my own reaction.

Poppy is a mirror to us all: if we find her blind optimism and sunny nature hard to swallow, perhaps there’s something wrong with us instead?

I personally sat there waiting for something to happen and although it never did I still enjoyed the characters and efforts of the writer.

Early reviews ran something along these lines: "What a surprise, a fabulous feel-good comedy from Mike Leigh the miserable".

So yes here's a light-hearted comedy from that miserable grump who makes dour movies about the turmoil and pain seething through lower-class lives.

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