Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Last Mistress

I adore Catherine Breillat. I really do. I have seen appallingly little of her 13 or so films she's directed, as little as three in fact (A ma soeur!, Anatomie de l'enfer and Romance). However each one I do see is both poignant and entertaining as well eternally scorched into my brain after watching. How many filmmakers do that eh? Maybe Cronenberg with eXistenz and Crash, but Breillat really packs a much harder emotional punch than any of Cronenberg's films.

I'm dying to seeing an The Last Mistress - not just because Asia Argento hasn't made a good film in a while - but because it looks like Breillat is becoming more and more comfortable at bringing humour (however dark) into her films. Her films are really quite hilarious, while being thoroughly disturbing, affecting and moving. Hence why I believe A ma Souer! is such a masterpiece, because its funny - and if the trailer is anything to go by The Last Mistress looks to be the same.

PS As a bit of trivia some may know the "porno auteuriste" from her supporting role is Bertolucci's 'Last Tango in Paris'.

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