Wednesday, May 2, 2012

“Being in love (l’amour fou) a pathological variant of loving. Being in love = addiction, obsession, exclusion of others, insatiable demand for presence, paralysis of other interests and activities. A disease of love, a fever (therefore exalting). One “falls” in love. But this is one disease which, if one must have it, is better to have often rather than infrequently. It’s less mad to fall in love often (less inaccurate for there are many wonderful people in the world) than only two or three times in one’s life. Or maybe it’s better always to be in love with several people at any given time.”

- Susan Sontag

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Viktor said...

Your blog is great but I beg to disagree on this specific post. Being in love is normal and it doesn't necessarily mean addiction, or obsession. Love Addiction is a very serious thing that can actually break the person involved and the people around her.