Sunday, April 29, 2012

"I cannot believe, in retrospect, that I was ever conned into believing that talking about feelings with a dude you were hooking up with was this embarrassing uncool thing that only clingy girls did. Today, if somebody I was boning, however casually, got judge-y or weird on me because I tried to have a conversation about my feelings, I would laugh out loud, walk out and then make fun of him to all my friends. Seriously? Feelings are not spiders or the Ebola virus. If a guy gets “scared” when you try to discuss yours with him, you should dump him and find a new hookup buddy who isn’t terrified about something that your average kindergartner can handle hearing about on Sesame Street."

 - from the comments section of The Hairpin via Sex Myth

I'm sure there are some great pieces written about how "clingy" (right after crazy) is the best scare tactic ever invented by emotionally withdrawn commitment-ambivalent men. Feel free to send my way if you find any.

UPDATE via The Gloss "Lady, You Aren't Really 'Crazy'"

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Johanna said...

oh god, I read that and it was so perfectly right. jesus.